Luminosity Glitter's luxury eco glitter bar for hire for weddings, corporate events and birthdays. Minimum 2 hours glitter bar hire.

Luxury Eco Glitter Bar

The UK's leading luxury eco glitter bar service✨✨

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Pink hexagonal biodegradable glitter in an aluminium window lid pot. Pink hexagonal biodegradable glitter in an aluminium window lid pot.


Not Plastic

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Luminosity Glitter is a multi-award winning company based in West London and have been spreading the sustainable sparkle magic across the globe since 2019.

We're a licensed Bioglitter stockist and have only ever stocked genuine biodegradable glitter which is plant based, not plastic.

Luminosity Glitter are the UK's leading eco glitter bar hire service provider. With a talented team of fabulous glitter artists, we bring the sparkle to events including brand launches, corporate events, awards nights and festivals.

Opal rose pink plastic free iridescent glitter on a black background. 100% plastic free iridescent glitter for cosmetics and soap making.

Pure Opal

The world's first 100% plastic free iridescent glitter
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Holographic biodegradable glitter mix by Luminosity Glitter
Bioglitter Holo


The world's first certified biodegradable holographic glitter
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Luminosity Glitter is proudly

★ Biodegradable ★ Allergen free ★ Cruelty free ★ Vegan friendly* ★ GMO free ★ Softer on your skin ★

Luxury Eco Glitter Bar

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Add the sustainable sparkle magic to your event with our fully trained and super sparkly glitter artists

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Bioglitter Licensee

Greenwashing is sadly a huge issue in the world of glitter. That's why it's so important that you always look out for the official Bioglitter logo to be sure you're purchasing genuine Bioglitter.
If you're still unsure, you can always double check on the Bioglitter website for a list of trusted licensee's here

Bioglitter Logo
Glitter Beard at Ru Paul's drag con uk 2023 with our neon pink luminosity glitter sign in the background
Face and hair eco glitter art at a wedding in London by Luminosity glitter
Luminosity Glitter


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