Eco Glitter Greenwashing – Is my glitter biodegradable?

I feel as though in the last few years, the world has started waking up to the importance of making small switches to sustainable and eco friendly alternatives in their every day lives.
We really need to start taking care of earth and it's eco systems, we don't get a planet B. But with this, more and more companies are giving their products the 'green sheen' and claiming they boast eco credentials, when the reality is rather different. 

But what is greenwashing in the eco glitter world?

Unfortunately, I have seen a huge increase in the amount of companies claiming their glitter is eco-friendly and biodegradable. The issue with this is, unless it's genuine Bioglitter® you can't actually be sure what testing the product has gone through, how long it actually takes to break down in a natural environment, or even what ingredients it's made from.

Companies may state that their glitter is biodegradable, but the words chosen are often deceptive.

It's very easy for something to be defined as biodegradable, but the reality is that could mean in hundreds of years. However, Bioglitter® is scientifically proven to breakdown in a natural environment in around 4 weeks. Microbes turn it into biomass, carbon dioxide and water.

Bioglitter® has been through intense independent testing so let's talk a bit more about that.

More details about the Bioglitter® testing can be found on the Disover Bioglitter® website. Don't forget, you can always ask a company for their biodegradability testing and results.


Luminosity Glitter is a licensed reseller of Bioglitter®.

The only glitter in the world of it's kind to boast amazing eco credentials and have gone through intense testing to ensure it biodegrades quickly and safely in a natural environment. It's plant based, not plastic and is made primarily from eucalyptus cellulose from sustainable and responsibly managed plantations operating to PEFC standards. So let's give you a few useful tips so you can be sure you're purchasing genuine Bioglitter®.

Firstly, always look out for the official Bioglitter® logo

Only trusted resellers will show this logo but if you want to be sure, you can double check the list of trusted brands on the Discover Bioglitter® website here.



Genuine Bioglitter® is only available in hexagonal shape

There are many companies out there claiming to sell heart, moon, star or circle biodegradable glitter shapes but it is most definitely not Bioglitter®. Another giveaway, is that it's also not currently available in holographic. The closest to holo is the Pure Opal Range which has a soft iridescent shimmer.

The holographic quality on many non-environmentally friendly glitters comes from the glitter being coated in plastic. The manufacturer is working hard to try and come out with a holographic range in the future but currently, it doesn't exist in the Bioglitter® ranges. 


We hope you join the eco glitter revolution with us and sparkle sustainably with genuine biodegradable glitter.

Remember, it's a dead giveaway if a company is claiming to sell environmentally friendly glitter that is holographic, moon shaped and they're reluctant to share the biodegradability testing results with you.