How plastic glitter impacts the environment

How Plastic Glitter Impacts The Environment

Picture this. The year is 2050, our oceans have more plastic bags than fish, 90% of our coral reefs have disappeared, plastic litters the streets, and multiple animals species have become extinct.
While this might sound dystopian, this is what our future could actually look like. So, with that in mind, I’m on a mission to reduce my plastic impact however I can.
Now, I didn’t say we had to take the fun out of it. I like to keep things sparkling here at Luminosity Glitter, and we do that with Bioglitter.
Many don’t even know that Bioglitter exists, let alone what it is, but I’m here to tell you why it’s wonderful, and why plastic glitter is worrying.

How Plastic Glitter Impacts the Planet

Have you ever wondered what happens to glitter when the party’s over?
For many of us, we won’t think twice about where it goes as we wash it off, reminiscing on the magic of the night before. And that’s ok.
You’re here now and it’s time to consider how glitter is actually part of the plastic pollution problem.

As a glitter-lover, you already know that glitter gets everywhere, you’ll be finding it for days afterwards! But the scary part is that it’s not only in your home, it also travelling all across planet Earth.

The reason this is scary is because glitter is made from aluminium and plastic, which is a microplastic. These teeny-tiny pieces of plastic may look innocent, but they actually have a major impact on the environment.
This micro-plastic covers our seabeds, has been found in the bellies of whales, discovered on the arctic ice caps, and is ingested by humans every single week. Microplastic can even be airborne, meaning that rain pours down with glitter.When we look at it this way, we realise that just because we want to have some fun, the planet suffers.

What Is Bioglitter and Why Should You Use It?

But with Bioglitter the party doesn’t have to stop. There’s no compromise when it comes to Bioglitter, the fun can continue but without the devastating consequences. Bioglitter is glitter (duh!) but instead of being made from plastic, it’s made primarily from eucalyptus.
By being made from plant-derived materials, Bioglitter is completely biodegradable and safe for natural freshwater environments.
Whether it's for cosmetics, clothing or crafts, bioglitter is a one-stop shop to keep the sparkle in your life without feeling guilty.

Bioglitter biodegrades in environments that have environmental bacteria and microorganisms. When it reaches this natural environment, like rivers, wastewater, and lakes the Bioglitter is consumed by microbes which are then transformed into carbon dioxide, biomass and water.



Luminosity Glitter Loves Bioglitter

Here at Luminosity Glitter, I make sure that the Luminosity shop is only stocked with eco friendly, biodegradable glitter.
These are all ethically sourced and made from sustainable plant cellulose while being completely vegetarian - oh, and a vegan option is available too, of course.

So don’t let plastic pollution dull your sparkle, help save the planet while shining bright.

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