Pink eco glitter in hexagonal shape


Sparkle Range

Bold colour and high shine


Single Colour Biodegradable Glitter

Luminosity Glitter's single colour individual flake size and single colour blends made using Bioglitter® Sparkle.
The Sparkle Range is the Bioglitter® original. Proven to biodegrade highly in a natural environment within weeks, this sparkle is bright, bold and sparkly AF!
Perfect for glitter body art, festival makeup, glitter nail art and glitter roots.

Plant Based • Biodegradable • 92%* plastic free • Suitable for vegans • Never tested on animals or unicorns  • Globally cosmetic complaint • Antimony free
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Trio of silver biodegradable glitters. Fine, chunky and ultra chunky glitters made primarily from eucalyptus and suitable for vegans.
Fine silver eco friendly cosmetic glitter by Luminosity Glitter
Silver Moon Biodegradable Glitter
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