Diva mix of pink, dark rose, orange and gold biodegradable cosmetic glitter

Luminosity Glitter

Sparkle Range

Single colour glitter and our fabulous signature glitter blends


    The Sparkle Range

    Biodegradable Glitter with Bold Colour and High Shine
    These glitters have bold colour and high shine and biodegrade quickly and safely in natural, fresh water environments with 87% biodegradation achieved in 4 weeks.

    Plant Based • Biodegradable • 92% plastic and aluminium free • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans • Never tested on animals or unicorns  Globally cosmetic compliant • Antimony free

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    Trio of silver biodegradable glitters. Fine, chunky and ultra chunky glitters made primarily from eucalyptus and suitable for vegans.
    Fine silver eco friendly cosmetic glitter by Luminosity Glitter
    Silver Moon Biodegradable Glitter
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