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Bring Your Brand to Life with Eco-Friendly Glitter Activations

We specialise in creating unforgettable brand activations that are not only dazzling but also eco-friendly.
Our eco glitter is perfect for making a lasting impression while staying true to sustainable practices.
Engage your audience with unique, interactive experiences that highlight your commitment to the environment.

Why Choose Our Eco Glitter Brand Activations?

✨ Sustainability Meets Sparkle ✨
Our glitter is made from biodegradable materials, ensuring that your brand activations shine bright without harming the planet. Show your audience that you care about sustainability while delivering a captivating experience.

πŸ’– Customised Experiences πŸ’–
We tailor each brand activation to align with your brand’s values and goals. Whether it's a product launch, promotional event, or an experiential marketing campaign, our eco glitter adds a magical touch that resonates with your audience.

😍 Engage and Inspire 😍
Interactive glitter stations, workshops, and live demonstrations are just a few ways we engage your audience. Our activations encourage participation and create memorable moments that enhance brand loyalty.


Services we offer

Glitter Stations
Set up interactive glitter stations at your events where attendees can get their sparkle on with our team of talented glitter artists. These hands-on experiences are perfect for festivals, trade shows, and corporate events.

Workshops and Demonstrations
Host eco glitter workshops and live demonstrations to showcase the versatility and beauty of our products. These sessions are not only educational but also highly engaging, leaving a lasting impression on participants.

Custom Glitter Products
Collaborate with us to create custom glitter products featuring your brand’s colours and unique blends. These distinctive items can be used as giveaways and promotional items.

Sustainable Event Solutions
We offer comprehensive event solutions that include eco-friendly decorations and sustainable materials. Ensure your event reflects your commitment to the environment from start to finish.

Wembley OVO Arena eco glitter bar brand activation set up

some of the fabulous brands we've sparkle with