Sequin Wall Hire Terms and Conditions

Luminosity Glitter Sequin Wall Hire Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

a. "Luminosity Glitter" refers to Luminosity Glitter, the company providing sequin wall hire services.
b. "Client" refers to the individual or entity hiring Luminosity Glitter's sequin walls.
c. "Sequin Wall" refers to the sequin wall and related accessories provided by Luminosity Glitter for hire. This includes but is not limited to florals and neon signs.
d. "Event" refers to the specific occasion or function for which the Sequin Wall is hired.

2. Booking and Payment

a. To secure a booking, the client must provide a non-refundable 25% deposit.
b. A security deposit may be applied to your booking at the discretion of Luminosity Glitter and if applied, must be paid at the same time as the final payment. If the security deposit is not paid we will not be able to hire out our sequin walls.
c. The remaining balance must be paid at least 7 days prior to the event booking date.
d. A security deposit may be applied to your booking at Luminosity Glitter's discretion. If we are asking for a security deposit, this will be made known at the initial quote stage. This will be refunded within 3 days after collection and inspection of the wall.
e. Payment can be made by bank transfer, payment link or any other method as agreed upon by Luminosity Glitter.
Failure to pay the remaining balance following Luminosity Glitter's reminders may result in your hire booking being cancelled.
f. Custom sequin walls, neons or bespoke designs require full payment upfront. All payments made for custom sequin walls and custom neon signs are non-refundable upon cancellation, regardless of the cancellation date.

3. Cancellation Policy

a. In case the client cancels the booking, the following terms apply:
i. Deposits for bookings that are cancelled within 14 days from the date the booking is confirmed (cooling off period) are refunded 100% as long as the event date is more than 30 days away.
ii. If cancelled after the 14 day cooling off period but before the 30 days prior to the event, the deposit will not be refunded.
iii. If cancelled within 30 days of the event, the full hire fee will be due.
b. We reserve the right to revoke our approval of your order in the event that the requested goods are not readily accessible to us, and we will promptly reimburse any payments you have submitted in full.
c. The client is responsible for confirming that the sequin wall has been approved and cleared by the venue. If the venue declines the installation of any items, no reimbursement will be provided.
d. All payments made for custom sequin walls and neon signs are non-refundable upon cancellation, regardless of the cancellation date.

4. Sequin Wall Use

a. The Sequin Wall remains the property of Luminosity Glitter at all times.
b. The client is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the sequin wall during the event.
c. The client must not under any circumstance, attempt to disassemble, move or modify the sequin wall in any way.
d. The client must not attach any items or decorations to the sequin wall without prior written consent from Luminosity Glitter.

5. Liability and Damage

a. The client is responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of the sequin wall, neon signs or florals during the hire period.
b. Luminosity Glitter shall not be liable for any injury or damage to persons or property arising from the use of the sequin wall during the event.
c. A security deposit may be required to be paid to Luminosity Glitter.
d. The client is fully responsible for any loss or damage to the sequin wall and any hire items from the moment the equipment is set up on site, until it is collected by Luminosity Glitter.
The associated fee will equal the expense of replacing the equipment with brand-new inventory.

6. Adverse Weather

a. If adverse weather conditions render the safe and proper setup of the sequin wall impossible, Luminosity Glitter reserves the right to cancel the installation.
b. In such cases, Luminosity Glitter will work with the client to explore alternative setup options or rescheduling, subject to availability and mutual agreement.
c. If Luminosity Glitter is unable to provide the sequin wall setup due to adverse weather, any deposit or payment made by the client for that specific service will be eligible for a refund or rescheduling, at the client's discretion.
d. The client acknowledges that no other compensation or damages will be provided by Luminosity Glitter in such circumstances.

7. Client Responsibilities

a. The Client accepts responsibility for making contingency plans, including relocation or protection of the sequin wall, in case of adverse weather conditions.
b. Luminosity Glitter must be informed of any access restrictions that may impact delivery, set up or collection.
This includes but is not exclusive to stairs, lifts, difficult entrances, parking restriction etc. Additional costs to the hirer maybe incurred if these are not stated at the time of booking.
c. Inform Luminosity Glitter of any changes to access, timings, logistics and setup location.
d. It is the clientโ€™s responsibility to check that they have enough space and also the correct surface to use the equipment booked, sequin walls must go on flat surfaces for safety reasons.
e. On delivery, if the surface, space or venue isn't suitable the equipment will not be set up, delivery will be refused and a full charge will be due from the client.
This includes any restrictions the client has failed to inform Luminosity Glitter of such as stairs, obstructions, excess distance to site (over 50m), no parking facilities, inadequate space etc.

8. Delivery and Setup

a. Luminosity Glitter will deliver and set up the sequin wall at the agreed-upon venue and time.
b. The client must ensure that the venue provides adequate access and facilities for the setup.
c. Any delays or issues related to setup at the venue that are beyond Luminosity Glitter's control will not result in a refund of the hire fee.
d. Delivery and collection will be between 8am to 6pm. Delivery or collection outside of these times or on a bank holiday will incur additional charges.

9. Collection

a. Luminosity Glitter will arrange for the break down and collection of the sequin wall at the end of the event, or as otherwise agreed upon. The break down of the sequin wall is to only be carried out by authorised Luminosity Glitter staff.

10. Termination of Service

a. Luminosity Glitter reserves the right to terminate its services if the client or their event attendees engage in any behavior deemed to be inappropriate or disruptive.

11. Governing Law

a. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

12. Agreement

a. By booking Luminosity Glitter's sequin wall, the client agrees to these terms and conditions in their entirety.