Single Colour Glitter

Carnival costume with feathers


My love for glitter and carnival is where the idea of Luminosity Glitter was born.
I have been going to Notting Hill Carnival for as long as I can remember and year after year would be in charge of covering my friends and everyone in sight in glitter. 

Luminosity Glitter was created in May 2019 and has been spreading sustainable sparkle across the globe ever since.


One cold winters evening, during a daydream about Carnival... the place I miss more than anything, I got thinking about plastic pollution and what actually happens to glitter after a day of glittery dancing.

In all the years of finding glitter for weeks afterwards in the most random places you could possibly think of, it had never actually occurred to me what happens to glitter after it disappears down the drain or peeled off into a bin.

​My mission is to get as many people as I can to make the switch and join the eco glitter revolution.

There is no Planet B.
We need to start looking after the beautiful one we have.

Girls in costume at Notting Hill Carnival


Our mission is to educate as many people as we can about why switching to an eco friendly alternative is so important, whilst leaving a trail of glittery goodness along the way!

Traditional plastic glitter is a micro plastic. If ingested, micro plastics can block the gastrointestinal tracts of organisms, or trick them into thinking they don't need to eat, leading to starvation.
Furthermore, micro plastics could expose organisms to high concentrations of toxins.
It is estimated that 14 million metric tons of micro plastics are already on the ocean floor in 2020.

Luminosity Glitter is biodegradable and eco friendly glitter.
Plant based, not plastic. Without compromising on sparkle!

Proven to biodegrade in a natural environment in around 4 weeks, our eco friendly glitter has a huge 92%* of its plastic content removed and is based on plant cellulose; Primarily Eucalyptus from sustainable and responsible plantations.
(The other ingredients are: 0.1% Aluminium for shine and 8% styrene/acrylates for cosmetic binding)​
This innovative creation is a game changer in the eco friendly and cruelty free beauty industry.

 Glitter may be tiny, but i'm hoping it'll make a huge difference this festival season.

Join the Eco Glitter Revolution!