Chunky Glitter Refill Bag ✨Sparkle✨
Chunky gold biodegradable cosmetic glitter
Rose gold chunky cosmetic eco glitter
Chunky orange biodegradable cosmetic glitter
Red chunky glitter by Luminosity Glitter. Made from plants not plastic
Stormy Rose chunky biodegradable face and body glitter in bulk
Chunky Glitter Refill Bag ✨Sparkle✨
Chunky Glitter Refill Bag ✨Sparkle✨
Wholesale chunky blue biodegradable glitter for makeup, festivals and wax melt making
Sky blue chunky eco friendly cosmetic grade glitter
Chunky Glitter Refill Bag ✨Sparkle✨
Forest green chunky biodegradable face glitter

Chunky Glitter Refill Bag ✨Sparkle✨

  • Glitter made from plants
  • Biodegradable grip seal bags
  • Ideal for refilling your pots or own containers
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Bag Size

Get your sparkle on with our chunky sized glitter refill bag! This bulk bag of eco friendly glitter is perfect for adding a touch of glam to any occasion. Chunky sized glitter (040 hex) is the most popular single size glitter for festival face and body looks.

  • Silver Moon
  • Gold Rush
  • Rose Gold
  • Orange Fizz
  • Blush Red
  • Stormy Rose
  • Rose Pink
  • Purple Rain
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Aqua Sky
  • Forest Green

★ Bold and sparkly biodegradable cosmetic glitter 
★ This sparkly beauty is made using the Bioglitter™ Sparkle range 
★ That means this glitter is suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Our glitter is:
🦄 Never tested on animals or unicorns,
🍃 Certified home compostable and bioedgradable,
🌳 Made from plants, not plastic,
👌 Super soft on your skin compared to traditional glitter,
🌎 Globally cosmetic compliant,
✨ Sparkly AF!
🪩 A 25g refill bag can glitter over 60 faces, perfect for glittering the gang (all festival season!)

It always depends on factors like spillage/designs etc but a 25g refill bag can do over 70 faces with a simple glitter moon design around the eye 🌙

• Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight,
• Not suitable for children under the age of 5,
• Not recommended for use close to your eyes or on the lips,
• Do not consume,
• We recommend doing a patch test priot to use.

Just like with face paints, some stronger shades of biodegradable glitter such as blue and green can leave a temporary colour transfer on the skin. This will wipe off super easily with an oil based makeup remover or cleanser or mild soap and warm water.
Micellar water works a treat with removing any colour transfer!

Our glitter offers worry-free sparkle and is free of the 14 common allergens including:
 🥜 Peanuts, 🍞 Wheat, 🍼 Milk, 🍳 Eggs, 🦀 Shellfish, 🐟 Fish, 🥚 Soy, 🦐 Crustacean shellfish, 🍖 Sesame, 🥛 Dairy.

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