Glitter Hair Clips - Limelon
Glitter Hair Clips - Limelon

Luminosity Glitter

Glitter Hair Clips - Limelon

These beautiful hair clips have been lovingly hand-made at Luminosity Glitter HQ in London. 

Each piece in our Amnesty Collection is a one-off and is created with the non-bioglitter that sparkle lovers have sent in. Each product is completely individual and stock will vary depending on the glitter we have in at the time.

• One pair of limelon shade hair clips
• Measuring approximately 6 x 2cm
• Made with plastic glitter and biobased resin

We want to stop the secret stashes of traditional plastic glitter from being thrown away meaning they end up in landfill or fallout ending up in the natural environment and working its way into our water systems.
We've had so many sparkle lovers over the years asking us what they should do with their naughty glitter so we've introduced the Plastic Glitter Amnesty.

You send us your secret stash of naughty glitter and we'll turn it into something beautiful and reusable, keeping it from being sprinkled into bins and down drains.

You can learn more about our Glitter Amnesty here.

All of our amnesty products are hand poured and made with biobased resins which have been specially formulated with sustainable raw materials.

Please be aware colours may look slightly different depending on screen / lighting and some items may contain air bubbles.

Our glitter is proudly:






Cosmetic grade





Glitter Sizing

We offer different sizes of biodegradable glitter; take a look below at the sizes we stock.

Arm swatch on a pink background of Luminosity Glitter's Festival Favourite glitters

How to apply

Our glitter is cosmetic grade and can be used on your face, body, hair, nails and more. Take a look at how to apply for a quick festival look.

Apply a cosmetic fixative to your desired area
Dab your fixative in the desired area such as around your eyes
Using your finger or a brush tap your glitter onto the fixative
To remove, wipe off using a wipe, cotton pad and pop into the bin

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