Perfectly imperfect pots of Luminosity Glitter&

Imperfect pots of our biodegradable glitter

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šŸ’– These pots of sparkle haven't quite passed our quality control at Luminosity Glitter HQ due to some imperfections such as printing issues or an indentation on the pot base. We hate waste here and are hoping to send them off to new homes to be live a happy sparkly new life!Ā šŸ’–

- 10ml aluminium pots with window lids - printing colour may vary between white and black.

šŸ’§Independently tested by OWS Belgium to ISO14851 / ISO1852 fresh water biodegradability.Ā 
šŸŒ±This glitter is proven to biodegrade highly in a natural environment in a matter of weeks.Ā 
šŸŒˆA stunning range with a stunning, bold sparkle.Ā 

ā˜… A blend of fine, chunky and ultra-chunky eco glitter
ā˜…Ā Bold and sparkly biodegradable cosmetic glitterĀ 
ā˜… This sparkly beauty is made from TheĀ Bioglitterā„¢ SparkleĀ RangeĀ 
ā˜… That means this blend is suitable for vegans and vegetariansĀ 
About Bioglitterā„¢ Sparkle:Ā 
āž” 92% Plastic freeĀ 
āž” Bold colour and high shineĀ 
āž” Biodegrades highly in a natural environment in around 4 weeksĀ 
āž” Plant based; made primarily from eucalyptusĀ 
āž” Cruelty free ā€“ never tested on animals or unicornsĀ 
āž” Softer on the skin compared to traditional glitterĀ 
āž” Only available in hexagon shapeĀ 
āž” Vegan + vegetarian friendly ā€“ not to be consumedĀ 

Luminosity Glitter is plant based and made fromĀ Bioglitterā„¢Ā Ā 
All types ofĀ Bioglitterā„¢ are made using ethically and sustainable sourced raw materials; primarily eucalyptus from responsibly managed plantations operating to PEFCā„¢ standards.Ā 
Our eco-friendly glitter is cosmetic grade and suitable for face, body, hair, nailsĀ and crafts.Ā 

Our glitter has been specially selected, blended and potted with love, in London.Ā Ā 
We stock individual sizes of our biodegradable glitter for all of your glittery needs.Ā Ā 

Eco Glitter Sizing:Ā 
Micro Fine (006 Hex)Ā 
Fine (008Ā Hex)Ā Ā 
Standard (015 Hex)Ā 
Chunky (040 Hex)Ā Ā 
Ultra-Chunky (094 Hex)Ā Ā 

All weights are approximateĀ 


We recommend using our Aloe Vera Gel for a cooling cosmetic fixative for our glitter on your face and body.

Our reusable face gems need a stronger fixative after the first use, we recommend the Glitter Fix Gel.

To apply to your hair use a hair gel and finish with a spritz of hairspray.

All orders are sent out in eco mailers or recyclable cardboard boxes with plastic free tape.

Shipping upgrades may be available at checkout depending on location.

Some stronger shades of BioglitterĀ® can leave a temporary colour transfer on your skin. This is normal for genuine biodegradable glitter as it's not been coated in plastic like traditional glitter.

If you want to avoid this, strong shades such as blue, turquoise and purple are generally the cheeky ones to avoid.

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"Another gorgeous glitter, worked really well for my wax melts, will be a returning customer for sure considering I have already ordered again!"

Cumbria, UK

"Really quick dispatch, great glitter and super sparkly."

Reigate, UK

"What a lovely experience! The glitter is beautiful, great eco packaging and brilliant communication. Many thanks."

Glasgow, UK

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