Luminosity Glitter Makes a Dazzling Return to Ru Paul's Drag Con UK 2024!

The most glamorous event of the year for drag enthusiasts, makeup aficionados, and lovers of all things fabulous is just around the corner, and there’s a dazzling surprise in store! Luminosity Glitter, the iconic beacon of sparkle and shimmer, is back in the spotlight and proudly announcing its return to Ru Paul’s Drag Con UK 2024. But that’s not all - we're making a grand entrance with a double booth this time around, located at booth number D32 on the iconic pink carpet!

For those not in the know, Ru Paul’s Drag Con is the ultimate celebration of drag culture, artistry, and creativity. It’s a space where boundaries blur, self-expression reigns supreme, and every glitter-coated dream finds its place. And what better way to light up this flamboyant affair than with the resplendent offerings of Luminosity Glitter?

Luminosity Glitter isn’t just a brand; it’s a phenomenon. Our products have been the secret weapon behind countless show-stopping looks, on and off the Drag Con runway. From the most vibrant and vivid shades to the ethereal glimmers that catch the light just right.

Ruby Sinclair wearing Luminosity Glitter on her eyes

Ruby Sinclair the Dancing Diva wearing Luminosity Glitter

But why the double booth, you ask? Well, picture this: an expansive space adorned with an array of glittering treasures, showcasing not only our classic best-sellers but also unveiling exclusive new collections and limited-edition sparklers. Visitors will be treated to an immersive experience, where they can explore and indulge in a glitter-filled wonderland like never before.

And let’s not forget the vibrant atmosphere that Luminosity Glitter brings to any event. Our team is not just there to sell products; they’re there to share their passion, expertise, and contagious enthusiasm for all things glitter.
Expect more sparkle than Soho and perhaps even some surprise appearances that will make your Drag Con experience truly unforgettable.
Whether you’re a seasoned drag performer, a makeup enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the transformative power of a little sparkle, Luminosity Glitter’s return to Ru Paul’s Drag Con UK 2024 is an occasion not to be missed. Circle booth number D32 on your Drag Con map, because that’s where the magic will be happening!

Samantha Ballentines wearing Luminosity Glitter on her eyes

The fabulous Samantha Ballentines from Ru Paul's Drag Race España Season 2 wearing Luminosity Glitter

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of glitter, glam, and limitless possibilities. Mark your calendars, gather your fellow glitter enthusiasts, and prepare for a rendezvous with Luminosity Glitter that promises to be nothing short of fabulous!