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We create custom acrylic signs for your event for you to hire

Acrylic Signs

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Enhance your event with personalised flair by opting for our custom acrylic signs, uniquely crafted to elevate and complement any occasion.
All acrylic signs can be customised with your choice of writing and colour for your event.
Each A2 acrylic sign is available in a fabulous range of colours.

Coloured A2 Acrylic Sign: ยฃ50
Frosted A2 Acrylic Sign:ย ยฃ50
Pastel A2 Acrylic Sign:ย ยฃ50
Shaped Acrylic Sign:ย ยฃ60
Mirrored A2 Acrylic Sign: ยฃ75

White Wooden Easel Hire: ยฃ25

Each custom acrylic sign includes custom writing in one colour of your choice.
If you would like to purchase a sign rather than hiring, please get in touch with us to discuss and for a quote.

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