Eco glitter swatch of rainbow glitters on a forearm with a pink background

How to use

Biodegradable Glitter

From cosmetics to crafting, let's look at what you can use your glitter for

Biodegradable Glitter Uses

What can biodegradable glitter be used for?

With its high shine, bold colours and eco credentials, biodegradable glitter can be used for a huge variety of creative purposes!

A rainbow glitter face in London

Face and Body Art

We recommend using a combination of fine, chunky and ultra chunky biodegradable glitters to create a look with stunning depth and colour.

Our biodegradable glitter is perfect for creating stunning glittery masterpieces. Whether it's a festival face, brand photo shoot or jazzing up your makeup look.

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Blowing glitter at a graduation


Our biodegradable glitter has been used in everything from weddings and graduations to theatre and festivals. Our eco glitter is guaranteed to bring some sparkle magic, whatever the occasion.

We've even had an eco glitter aisle created at an outdoor wedding using our Pure Opal Range.

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A baby pumpkin on autumn leaves with a gold glitter heart

Arts and crafts

We created this glitter pumpkin using our Gold Rush Blend and a dash of our aloe vera application gel.

Our glitter can be added to your crafting project, From creating Christmas decorations with the little ones or adding it to your latest painting. We'd love to see your sparkly creations.

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Bars of soap on a marble background surrounded by cucumber and orange pieces

Soap Making

The Pure and Pure Opal glitters are perfect for adding some sparkle magic to your soap making. 100% plastic free with an iridescent shimmer, our favourite for soap making is our Luna Blend.

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