Rose pink ultra chunky biodegradable glitter spilling out of an aluminium tin by Luminosity Glitter.

Biodegradable Glitter

Shapes and Sizing

Bioglitter™ shades, shapes and sizing

Hexagon Shaped
Genuine Bioglitter only comes in hexagon shape. Not moons, hearts, stars circles
Specific Shades
Bioglitter only comes in very specific colour shades including holographic in silver only
Flake Sizing
We stock Bioglitter in a range of flake sizes including fine, chunky and ultra chunky
Rainbow set of eco friendly glitter

Colours + Shades

Bioglitter is only available in a specific range of colours and shades.
We stock a fabulous selection but more details about the shades available can be found by clicking the links below.

➡️ The Sparkle Range Shades

➡️ The Pure Range Shades

➡️ The Holo Range Shades

Pot Sizing

Our glitter is available to purchase in a variety of ways.

⚡ 5ml plastic pots hold around 3 grams of glitter
⚡ 10ml aluminium pots hold around 6 grams of glitter
⚡ Refill bags - available in a range of weights

All weights are approximate