NEW GLITTER ALERT - Bioglitter Holo is here!

Bioglitter™ HOLO’ – Holographic Biodgradable Glitter

After almost four years in the making, Bioglitter™ has released its latest innovative creation, Bioglitter™ Holo. The world’s first and only certified freshwater biodegradable holographic glitter.  

Holographic biodegradable glitter is the one you’ve all been asking for and there have been so many companies claiming their glitter was holographic and biodegradable when in fact, this was nothing more than greenwashing.  

Traditional plastic glitter gets its holographic effect from a plastic coating, Ronald Britton have not only created a holographic Bioglitter™, but it’s also proudly boasting eco credentials of being TÜV Austria ‘OK biodegradable WATER’ certified. A level of certification considered the highest of its kind in the world.  

The new Bioglitter™ HOLO range exhibits a spectacular holographic effect, splitting light into its individual component parts creating in a brilliant rainbow effect. In non-diffuse direct light, for example, sunshine or LED lights, these products really excel, producing an eye-catching kaleidoscope of dazzling colour. 

So, let's take a deeper look at holographic Bioglitter. 

Biodegradability:  Certified 'OK biodegradable WATER' by TÜV Austria  
A level of certification considered the highest of its kind in the world 

Biodegrades quickly and safely in natural, fresh water environments 

Derived from natural materials rather than plastic 

Ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials 

Holographic dazzling rainbow glitter effect 
Spectacular in non-diffuse, direct light, for example sunshine or led lighting 

Soft to touch 

Globally cosmetic compliant: EU, USA1, CAN, CHN, JPN, AUS, KOR 

Extremely low heavy metals content 
Antimony free (<0.5 ppm total content analysis, which is below detectable levels

It’s as important as ever to make sure you look out for the official Bioglitter™ logo from licensed resellers when purchasing to ensure you’re getting genuine Bioglitter™. 
Bioglitter Holo is available to pre-order now on our website. Our stunning Kalaedescope blend is the ultimate must-have this festival season.