Reign Reusable Face Jewels
Reign Reusable Face Jewels
Reign Reusable Face Jewels
Reign Reusable Face Jewels

Luminosity Glitter

Reign Reusable Face Jewels

One sheet of our Reign reusable face jewels. These jewels come on a pre-arranged stick on gel sheet. 
The perfect way to complete a festival look this summer. 

Our face gems and jewels look fabulous paired with our biodegradable glitter. 
They are jewels are designed to be loved and reused over and over again so make sure you keep them safe after use. 

★ To apply: Peel the sheet of gems from the backing and gently press in the desired position around your eyes to apply. After the first use you will need a cosmetic fixative to reapply. 

Eyelash glue or cosmetic special fx glue work well as aloe vera gel isn't strong enough to hold face and body gems. 

★ To remove: Peel the gems gently off your skin, clean and stow away until your next sparkle session. The great thing about reusable gems is that you can use them over and over again! 

You may wish to remove the gems from the application sheet and create your own design. 

*Colour shades may vary slightly depending on screen resolution and light reflection



Our glitter is proudly:





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Cosmetic grade



Glitter sizing

We offer different sizes of biodegradable glitter. Take a look below at the sizes we stock.

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